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Hang with Chris… really.

Been missing Chris? He’s been missing you too. Since it’s going to be a while before he is on the road again, we’re happy to announce a new opportunity to hang with Chris. Thanks to the good folks at Topeka

So Long, Harry Truman

“I recorded this Danny O’Keefe song, So Long, Harry Truman, several years ago. I thought it a good time to revisit it.” – Chris …


Prine’s gone. These are sad times all over, I know, but this one really hurts. He was not just an icon in the general sense of representing the particular genre, he was a shining example of what one could be …

Show Cancellations

In light of Covid-19, a number of upcoming shows have been canceled or postponed. Be assured, Chris is healthy, playing music at home, and looks forward to getting back on the road.

In the meantime, please check the Concerts page