American Songwriter: Chris Smither Returns to “Lonely Time” 50 Years Later…

Chis smither“Sometimes songs comes back to you after some time. For Chris Smither, “Lonely Time” resurfaced nearly 50 years after he initially wrote it. The bluesy, lovelorn tale, which Smither originally recorded on his 1970 debut, I’m a Stranger Too! is just one piece of his upcoming, 18th album More From the Levee (Sept. 26), which features 24 tracks—10 of which Smither initially cut from the Still On the Levee sessions nearly 20 years ago…”

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Hang with Chris… really.

Been missing Chris? He’s been missing you too. Since it’s going to be a while before he is on the road again, we’re happy to announce a new opportunity to hang with Chris. Thanks to the good folks at Topeka Live you can enjoy time with Chris virtually.

Through the site, you can have a mini-concert, a guitar/songwriting session, or be serenaded with a couple of songs.

And, even better, partial proceeds will benefit Circles Morningside, a nonprofit that empowers men and women in Atlanta looking to lift themselves from poverty. Visit the Topeka Live website to sign up. 

So Long, Harry Truman

“I recorded this Danny O’Keefe song, So Long, Harry Truman, several years ago. I thought it a good time to revisit it.” – Chris 


Prine’s gone. These are sad times all over, I know, but this one really hurts. He was not just an icon in the general sense of representing the particular genre, he was a shining example of what one could be and do. He opened many, many doors for me, bringing me on board for shows from Chicago to LA to Nashville and points in between, and when I thanked him for those opportunities, simply replied, “Chris, I don’t do it for you, I do it for me.” Never have I felt more warmly included than I did then, seldom have I felt more bereft than I do now. John Prine, R.I.P.

Show Cancellations

In light of Covid-19, a number of upcoming shows have been canceled or postponed. Be assured, Chris is healthy, playing music at home, and looks forward to getting back on the road.

In the meantime, please check the Concerts page for updates, contact the venues for refunds where applicable, and we’ll post updates as we have them.

Be safe, stay healthy,
Team Smither