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The Guitar of Chris Smither Arrangements in Contemporary Blues Style


85 minutes, DVD, VHS, or PAL, includes music and tab book.

(Note: DVDs are formatted to play on universal players.)

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In this video, Chris Smither teaches the guitar arrangements to some of his most popular songs. You’ll learn the bass-line shuffle groove of “Link of Chain”, the sliding harmony figures of “Happier Blue”, and a load of great licks to pull them together (including Chris’s trademark use of his feet for rhythm accompaniment).

Moving into open D tuning, “Hold On” features bluesy vibrato, bends and hammer-ons, while Roly Salley’s heart-wrenching “Killin’ the Blues” highlights his unique style of ballad accompaniment.

Back to standard tuning, Chris slows down the Skip James-type lick that’s at the heart of “Can’t Shake These Blues” and then closes with a Delta-style “The Devil’s Real.”

Chock full of musical advice, clarity, and good humor, this lesson will add powerful licks and interesting ideas to your song accompaniments and blues technique.

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