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Lost and Found (2011)


  1. Train Home
  2. Get a Better One
  3. Hold On II
  4. Let It Go
  5. Hey Hey Hey
  6. Tell Me Why You Love Me
  7. Time to Spend
  8. Bittersweet
  9. Never Needed It More
  10. Outside In
  11. Confirmation
  12. Time To Go Home
  13. Lola
  14. So Long
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Over the years, like most touring musicians, Chris has collected countless tapes, CDs, DATS, etc. of his live concerts. Often these recordings can be a bit rough, but Chris struck gold one afternoon when he came upon a box of CDs and DATS from concerts performed between 1993-2003. Upon listening he discovered recordings of some real gems from his catalog; the sound quality and performances were outstanding. This new collection of 14 songs, Lost and Found, joins Another Way to Find You and Live As I’ll Ever Be in Chris’s catalog of live recordings. Here’s a chance to hear live versions of “Train Home”, “Hey Hey Hey”,” Time to Go Home”, “Lola”, and ten other Smither favorites.

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